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RAW Studios office furniture workstations meetings desk chairs

Long hours of post-production, studio filming, client walk-ins, and spontaneous meetings. These are just a few of the challenges a film production company, like Mighty Fine, deals with on a daily basis.

Our approach was to meet all the demands of a creative lab but to add a sense of style and comfort, qualities indicative of our Epik range.

RAW Studios office furniture workstations chairs storage

This is where Raw’s talents came into play… With creative clients such as Mighty Fine challenges like these seem easy.

Take a look here at what Mighty Fine has to say…

To create a comfortable working environment, we needed to assure that there were a variety of spaces for the employees to utilize for both one-on-one meetings and group collaborative sessions. With products like our Pod , Standpoint and Hub  we created an environment where employees now have the freedom to work where and how they want. The offices were effortlessly fitted with workstations and storage, ensuring each person would have their personal space and as far as the noise levels go, we’ve cleverly supplied Mighty Fine with some of our Wallspace acoustic panels, ensuring that while meetings, socials or inhouse productions are utilizing the production floor, everyone else can still comfortably focus on their work.

RAW Studios office furniture workstations pod standpoint hub bench chairs meetings collaborations spaces

Add a bit of colour and branding to the products and the whole vision of a creative hub finds its ideal form. Imagine an office where working feels like playing, with our Epik range that is no challenge at all.

“They know best” they say.

They Project WallSpace modular walling system Office Accoustic Worksplace Divider desk furniture

Who are “they”?

We all know “they”… It’s that “guy” who always knows all the facts about Cape Town’s weather, the best diet to follow, the latest assets to invest in or what Sally really did last December.

That clears it up right? Yeah, umm, not really.

Well, that is exactly why we decided to chat to They and clear up the confusion once and for all.

Turns out the real They is a company that focuses on directing music videos, shorts and ads for companies, people and artists who appreciate great story telling.

They Project WallSpace modular walling system Office Accoustic Worksplace Divider desk furniture

Not having met They before we were quite curious of how a company like theirs would operate. When master storytellers, Alan and Darren, approached us just before they relocated office, Alan mentioned They (pun intended) were looking for a solution that would “cancel out the bad side of an open plan layout, still remain inviting but offer the focused privacy needed for many of their tasks”. We didn’t hesitate to assist in the project, because we knew we were working with likeminded guys who were ready to change things a little.

They Project WallSpace modular walling system Office Accoustic Worksplace Divider desk storage furniture

They Project WallSpace modular walling system Office Accoustic Workstation Divider desk furniture

Wall Space™, along with our Epik™ furniture, were the solutions that jumped to mind that ticked all the boxes of their new workplace requirements.

They Project WallSpace modular walling system Office Accoustic Worksplace Divider desk chair furniture

Take a look at the video below to get some more insight into the real They and how Raw ensured their new offices balance and boost their everyday tasks.

“We get it, and we love it!” say judges at 100% Design.

RAW Studios' 100% Design - Best Office Furniture Design AwardWhat a great feeling when we get recognition for our work on workspace furniture and systems that make workdays more productive, healthy and enjoyable. We have been bringing fresh thinking into a rather unimaginative office furniture industry and the waves that we have made have not gone unnoticed… Hence this award.

Thank you to all our existing clients that have seen the light, the need for change and the value of considering workspace and not just populating it. And to the curious change agents out there, give us a call or contact us to see how we can help to transform your workspace…

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Project Testimonial – Africa Centre

It took a forward thinking organization in need of change, combined with an architect team with real vision, to create what is quickly becoming known as the “new” Africa Centre. Raw is proud to have played a significant part in the transformation of the workspaces and interiors at this legendary international research centre in rural Kwazulu-Natal.

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