Crafting furniture to live in, literally…

Nestling: Micro-living container, small living places with engineered wood materials

We took our knowledge of furniture design, engineered materials and CNC manufacturing and applied it at a much larger scale to start creating our new range of furniture you can live in.

Nestling: Micro-living (work-in-progress) container, small living places with engineered wood materialsNestling: Micro-living (work-in-progress) container, small living places with engineered wood materials

RAW Studios Nestling: Micro-living (work-in-progress) container, small living places with engineered wood materials
Nestling is a work-in-progress micro-living container and the beginning of something much bigger.

Nestling: Micro-living (work-in-progress) container, small living places with engineered wood materials

Crafting the container also led us into developing a modular timber structure and semi-permanent dwelling places. We will be giving you a glimpse into the places we’ve started to create at this years’ 100% Design.

360 degrees of RAW awesome at 100% Design 2018!

RAW Studios Epik Work 100% Design 2018!

Great workspace activation and project specific design and development work share the stage at 100% design this month.


We go all out at 100% Design each year and we’re back at it again. This year, from 8-12 August we will be showing some behind the scenes intel on what’s been going down at Raw Studios from project work to new product developments. We even have some crazy 360 degrees virtual walk throughs for fans to immerse themselves in.

So, are you ready to experience Raw-life on a new level? Then leave those dated trade show ideas at home and visit us at stand B36 with an open mind, a virtually open mind as you immerse yourself in our world.


WallSpace™: If you build it… designers will solve great things with it.

While Stilts (haven’t read about this system? Catch up here…) has been evolving through its various development phases, another design supply product has been running parallel on quite a different track.

Peter Matthews from MAAA approached us at Raw Studios to develop a system for a new project also headed by the University of Pretoria namely the Javett UP Art Centre. They needed an exhibition and museum walling system for the vast gallery spaces. One that is modular (music to our ears), cost effective (of course), simple (keep going) and easy to install (at this point we are jumping up and down. This project is right up our alley)

The result: Meet WallSpace™ a multifunctional walling system that adapts and provides the backdrop for stories, spaces and artwork to come alive.

RAW Studios WallSpace multifunctional free standing walling system

Besides meeting the brief requirements, we took the design a step further and now the WallSpace™ system is providing promising avenues to solve issues for sparse open plan spaces.

RAW Studios WallSpace multi functional walling system manufacturing frame vacuum press

We are drooling over this expanding list of capabilities:

1.  Lightweight 
2. Freestanding 

RAW Studios WallSpace multi functional walling system lightweight modular

3. Multifunctional

RAW Studios WallSpace multi functional walling system acoustic design

4. Acoustic capabilities
5. Screening

RAW Studios WallSpace multi functional walling system screening

The system is still in its infancy but has already revealed countless opportunities within the workplace too. Curious? Yep us too! Keep your eyes on the look out for the continued development of the new WallSpace™ system and be ready for some mind-blowing possibilities.

RAW Studios WallSpace multi functional walling system screening

New Products, designed for flexibility but engaging on SO many levels.

RAW Studios epik WORK

For three months now we have been engaged in developing what we believe are products that will help activate and energise workplaces and specifically help teams to do their thing effectively.

For the first time at 100% design Johannesburg, you would be able to see some new additions to the well known and loved epik™ office furniture range:
epik standpoint


Essentially a standing meeting, brainstorming or simply a connecting point. Here you can plug in (and charge) your devices and have a formal or informal meeting, a quick brainstorm or a full-on work session. Equipped with a monitor arm, a light and even a place for greenery and stationary, you would be hard pressed to find it wanting any respect.

epik hub


A multi functional, mobile and very flexible station where teams come alive. Hub can be moved around and deployed wherever great team work happens. It carries chairs and tables on its back and is loaded with collaboration infusing features such as a magnetic whiteboard, a monitor and charging ports. Hub has got your back… and your front.

epik pod


If it’s quiet contemplation, focused work or a core team meeting that you need, this quirky space has been re-designed to give more options in use and is now easier to open up to the world out there or close up to forget about the world out there.

epik workstation


The Epik workstation is well known for its comfort, affordability and natural materials and it remains to fulfil a vital role in the office of the future. Here is where focused work and research happens, where individuals can shine. Where insights are transformed into solutions.


Ever been curious about Raw Studios and 100% Design?

Spyne 100% Design Show stand

We have exhibitions in two areas at 100% Design, the exciting trade show that runs from this Friday until Tuesday the 9th. We will be showing a more refined and developed Spyne system on stand D33, as well as our well known Epiksystem applications in the events own press lounge.

So if you have ever wanted to get a look and feel at Raw Studios legendary quality and real design for your next project realization, then this is the time to swing by and treat yourself.
100 percent Design 2016100 percent design 2016 - 5 to 9 August