Nandos Columbine s(m)itten on Raw’s Ohtwo™ Chairs.

Nandos Columbine with Raw’s Ohtwo Chairs

Even before Raw’s new Ohtwo™ chairs were available to order, interior designer Anne Maclachlan from Foundation Design specified them for use in the new Nandos Columbine Restaurant. The fact that the chairs are available in two model types and eight colour choices was also not lost on her as it fit beautifully into her vision for this interior. We love the design at Nandos Columbine but that’s just a start for Ohtwo as the product has now been taken up in the specification documents for two other large and well-known brands.

Nandos Columbine with Raw’s Ohtwo Chairs

Nandos Columbine with Raw’s Ohtwo ChairsNandos Columbine with Raw’s Ohtwo Chairs


Nandos and Raw in hot, hot, hot Combo.

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UPDATE: See the project video footage.

When the South African success story, Nandos, decided to revamp its spiritual home in Lorentzville Johannesburg, where it started trading over two decades ago, it was bound to be anything but a
run-of-the-mill project.

Nandos Central kitchen project / home in Lorentzville Johannesburg

The brief was a collaboration with industry veteran, Tracy Lynch, who curated the relationship between Nandos and exceptional South African designer/makers. Rather than a design showcase, it focused on creating a hard-working space for a large workforce, they themselves articulating a unique and authentic ZAesthetic, true to the feisty Nandos’ spirit.

Nandos home in Lorentzville Johannesburg

There followed an exceptional year of conceptualising, liaising, communicating, collaborating, producing and delivering. This culminated, near the end of 2014, in the launch of Central Kitchen, an expansive, interconnected campus of seven buildings.

Nandos home in Lorentzville Johannesburg

Originally approached to supply the, now famous, Ikonik and Klik system products, Raw Studios presented a mock-up of the Offis™ system. The clients were won over by the superior combination of quality, ruggedness, real design, and the honest price tag; and so, the contract for the complete office workstation and storage solution was awarded to Raw – a contract second in value only to that of the main contractor.

Nandos home in Lorentzville Johannesburg

In addition to the main office furniture component, Raw studios, amongst others, also supplied chairs, discussion- and training-tables.

Additional orders have been rolling in since the end of the project. On top of this, Raw have now also been included in the prestigious Nandos’ Design Collection, one of only five companies nationwide. This further strengthens an already inspiring and powerful relationship between the two companies. See our next blog > new chair.

The Central kitchen project will undoubtedly be appreciated as an historical and pivotal South African creative collaboration and Raw Studios is proud to have had a significant role to play.

Nandos Central kitchen project

Agriculture School Cool

Raw’s lecture hall seating system has found another home at the new School of Agriculture building at the historical University of Fort Hare in Alice, Eastern Cape. Designed by Edward Peinke from Ngonyama Okpanum & Associates it reflects a crisp modern interior to match the exterior, with eco features such as innovative natural ventilation and intelligent lighting systems. Our seating system was specked early on in the project for its simple ruggedness, quick installation turnaround times, modern look and green credentials. This is one cool building on a tight budget for a modern School of Agriculture.

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Excerpt from an article by Edward Peinke.

The University of Fort Hare in Alice required a new auditorium primarily for its expanding School of Agriculture, but also to serve as a fully connected video conference facility for other events.

The entrance to the building was defined by a block that facilitates movement in all directions, primarily from the main pedestrian walkway running past the building’s façade, while also connecting from the first level bridge of the existing building and accessibility ramp. Internally this node facilitates movement up to the foyer area and to the ablutions below. The auditorium space features tall windows with blinds that face southward to allow natural diffused light into the space and is supplemented by energy efficient lighting that can be controlled according to the required use. Furthermore the acoustics and sightlines have been well considered, creating an intimate space that is able to accommodate as many as 350 students or up to 400 if need be on a flexible, robust and sustainable seating system designed by Raw Studios. World-class technology has been incorporated into the building, including fingerprint readers, wireless internet, interactive smart boards and video conferencing facilities.

Rather than forcing a disposition upon the project, the design was allowed to evolve from its context, requirements and collaborations. The result is a building that subtly, but clearly communicates its intentions, while relating appropriately to its surroundings.

Edward Peinke
M Arch Pr Arch

Look and feely coffee experience…

Tribeca Campus

In conjunction with the brilliant design team at EarthWorld architects and Jacques Coetzer, artist and illustrator extraordinaire, Raw played an important role in the realization of TriBeCa Campus, a new restaurant coffee shop on the Tuks Campus in Pretoria. Tribeca Coffee Company is a long-standing client of Raw, and once again we were the go-to people for the shop fitting joinery and loose furniture fittings at this new student hotspot. Printing the artwork straight onto the birch plywood really created an effect that optimizes the “retro” look and “holiday” feel of their brand. Since its opening three weeks ago, the place has been packed to capacity and the stream of punters doesn’t seem to be letting up. Tribeca’s ethos of quality products and attention to detail (even if that does cost more initially) certainly makes economic sense in the long run.

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