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Raw offers modern office furniture systems that are innovative, highly modular, locally designed and manufactured from sustainably sourced engineered materials.

Creating furniture is one thing… but creating place, now that is where it gets exciting
Creating furniture is one thing… but creating place, now that is where it gets exciting by Webmaster on Aug 3, 2019

People usually expect big things from Raw Studios at 100% Design and this year, as always, we won’t disappoint. In addition to our collaboration with the curators to create a space for interesting workshops and talks we have been developing a range of sustainable and affordable timber frame buildings and homes that are flexible, adaptable, […]

Raw Studios is much rawer than expected
Raw Studios is much rawer than expected by Webmaster on Jul 30, 2019

Earlier this year Peet was given the opportunity to talk about his journey with Raw Studios at the Pretoria Institute for Architects’ Ideas Conference. With 13 years in the making, multiple ranges and 100’s of products available, 45 minutes was just too short to give a complete picture, so we made a short video to […]

Crafting furniture to live in, literally…
Crafting furniture to live in, literally… by Webmaster on Jul 26, 2019

We took our knowledge of furniture design, engineered materials and CNC manufacturing and applied it at a much larger scale to start creating our new range of furniture you can live in. Nestling is a work-in-progress micro-living container and the beginning of something much bigger. Crafting the container also led us into developing a modular […]

Wallspace™: rethink open space
Wallspace™: rethink open space by Webmaster on Feb 14, 2019

Everyone knows by now that open plan offices are bad news, and for good reason! No one wants to be in a space where work becomes a battlefield of distractions vying for your attention: Sally’s loud chatter about last night’s date, Thabo’s ridiculous morning smoker’s-cough routine or the umpteenth courier scuffling past with yet another […]

“They know best” they say.
“They know best” they say. by Webmaster on Feb 12, 2019

Who are “they”? We all know “they”… It’s that “guy” who always knows all the facts about Cape Town’s weather, the best diet to follow, the latest assets to invest in or what Sally really did last December. That clears it up right? Yeah, umm, not really. Well, that is exactly why we decided to […]

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